Sexual attraction, is the purchase worth it? Read on!

What do sex hormones do for you?

It's a very common question, especially among younger people. But there are lots of good reasons that sex hormones help make you more attractive and make you more confident and more outgoing.

And it's a little confusing because it's not just "sex" hormones. It is also many hormones. For the most part, sex hormones are just like any other hormones. Sex hormones can make you fat, thin, athletic, energetic, etc. You can buy sex hormone supplements that are used to treat obesity, diabetes, and even some cancers. But for your health, these are not hormones. You need to read the label. So that's what the label says. I've always assumed they were hormones. But now, as a result of watching my daughters for two years, I've changed my mind about this. When they were little, my husband and I bought them these products. They were for men only. They were expensive at $100 a pack. But the product didn't work. The hormone-laden semen produced no sperm. They would ejaculate and then stop. We called this a "failure of testosterone" or "testicular failure." I did not like the feeling that I was making sex hormones without actually having the right hormones. So I found a doctor in the area who specialized in sexual health.

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